12 Incredible Apps that Generate Income by Enjoying Videos

It may sound insane to state you can utilize your phone as a side hustle, however there are some remarkable methods to earn money with your phone. If you’re currently hanging around checking out the news, scrolling social networks posts, and texting good friends on your phone, you may also benefit from all it needs to provide.

You can discover Android apps that make cash when you’re eliminating time waiting at a visit or playing on your phone. Apple fans, never ever fear– there are likewise iPhone apps that make money so your extra time can settle, too!

There are a lot of apps that generate income by seeing videos. With really little effort on your part, you can generate income in your downtime by downloading the apps connected here. After you sign up, you’ll be ready to begin enjoying and making some additional earnings.

Acorn Hunt

Acorn Hunt lets you enjoy videos to make Acorns, which are then squandered through Paypal. 4 Acorns equivalent one cent, and you need to accumulate 4,000 Acorns prior to you can squander.

In addition to seeing videos, you can likewise utilize Acorn Hunt to make money by downloading apps, addressing surveys, signing in at shops, and referring buddies.


AppTrailers is a method to generate income while viewing motion picture trailers on your phone. At the end of each video, you’ll push a button so they understand you enjoyed it. Each video saw makes you 5 points, and 10 points equivalent one cent.

After you accumulate 500 points, you can earn money through PayPal. Running AppTrailers in the background of a sluggish workday can permit you to comprise practically $8 a day, which builds up in time.


You can utilize CashPirate to make coins by enjoying advertisements and videos. Depending upon the video, you can make a minimum of 50 points per view. CashPirate pays $1 per 1,000 coins, which you can redeem by means of PayPal, Facebook cash, or Visa debit cards.

You can make money by downloading and evaluating other apps or finishing other deals. Some missions ask you to download a specific video game and play it for a set quantity of time or up until you reach a specific level, so you can have some enjoyable with this app.


Viewing a video with GrabPoints will make you 2 points. In addition to viewing videos, you can make cash by taking studies and downloading apps.


InboxDollars pays you a couple of cents for each minute-long video you enjoy. You can likewise earn money through this app by checking out e-mails, finishing studies, referring pals, and playing video games.

The app pays by mailing you a real check. You’ll earn money monthly, as long as you reach the $30 minimum for squandering.

Immediate Benefits

Each time you enjoy a video through Instantaneous Benefits, you view one point, which equates to one cent. The videos are anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds long, however some depend on a minute long. You get the exact same point rate despite video length.

After you make 1,000 points, you can squander through PayPal or exchange points for present cards that begin at a $10 worth.


JingIt is among the higher-paying apps on the list. You enjoy advertisements and make as much as $1.50 after simply a couple of minutes of watching. There’s a cap of making $15 a week, however that is a high quantity for fairly passive earnings.

In addition to viewing videos, you can likewise scan products at shops and total studies to make money. Your cash is paid through a Jingit Visa debit card, so you get genuine cash.


With Maximiles, you can view videos and make points. After reaching 2,000 points, you can select from product like music, motion pictures, house items, and appeal items. You can likewise utilize the app to make points per e-mail you check out, studies you take, and good friends you refer.

Media Experts Mobile

Media Experts Mobile is a little various than the other apps on this list. You set up the apps and it runs in the background, keeping track of the videos you see, to name a few things, to utilize for marketing research.

You can make up to 50 points a week if you leave this app running in the background. After you make 500 points, you can squander through PayPal or a present card.


MyPoints provides you points whenever you see a video. After you make 700 points, you can squander in the form of a $5 present card to basically any significant seller or dining establishment. You can likewise utilize MyPoints to generate income by taking studies, playing video games, shopping online, and printing discount coupons to utilize in stores.


Each video you enjoy through this app will make you 3 Swagbucks. The videos all have various lengths however still pay the exact same. While numerous apps are asking you to view advertisements, Swagbucks videos are fascinating to see.

You can likewise utilize the app to generate income browsing the web, playing video games, and finishing studies. These jobs pay various quantities, and Swagbucks is just paid through present cards.


Viggle offers you a possibility to make one point per minute of enjoying a video. If you’re currently hanging out on your phone, it’s a simple method to make some cash, however it takes a while to pay. The most inexpensive benefit is 1,000 points and is restricted to present cards and specific items.

You’ll be able to get the most out of your totally free time when you attempt these apps that make cash by viewing videos. None of these apps will make you abundant, however if you play frequently, with time you’ll make a great piece of modification for extremely little effort.

Last Ideas

Desire to make cash on the side by enjoying videos? These apps that make cash by enjoying videos will assist you out.

There are plenty of apps that make cash by enjoying videos. In addition to viewing videos, you can make cash by taking studies and downloading apps. Each video you enjoy through this app will make you 3 Swagbucks. Desire to make cash on the side by seeing videos? These apps that make cash by enjoying videos will assist you out.