20 Ways to Earn Money from Viewing Videos Online

Earn money seeing videos.

That’s the dream? Relax, see some television, and earn money for the advantage of doing so.

It sounds a little improbable, it isn’t.

Here’s the offer: you’re not going to make quit-your-job kind of cash enjoying videos. You likewise will not earn money to binge-watch your preferred Netflix series.

You can, nevertheless, make money and present cards by viewing online videos and advertisements. Here’s where to register to earn money seeing videos.
Why Would Business Pay Individuals to Enjoy Videos?

You may be questioning why business would pay anybody to see videos? Well, the response is easy– the majority of these videos are actually ads. Given that business desire you to see their ads, they’ll pay you a small quantity for doing so.

Obviously, seeing advertisements isn’t the only method to generate income. You can get paid to view and transcribe videos for closed captioning functions if you’re a quick typer.

2 other methods to generate income enjoying videos consist of ending up being a “tagger” for Netflix or ending up being a cinema secret buyer.
Ways to Earn Money from Seeing Videos Online

1. Swagbucks
2. My points
3. Inbox Dollars
4. Get Points
5. Viggle
6. iRazoo
7. Vindale Research study
8. YSense
9. Netflix
10. Rev.com
11. Marketforce Details
12. Go Records
13. FusionCash
14. GMR Transcription
15. Nielsen Computer System & Mobile Panel
16. Quick Benefits
17. Earnably
18. InstaGC
19. AdWallet
20. YouCubez

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is among the leading benefit websites on the internet.

They reward users for things like taking studies, printing vouchers, finishing deals, and enjoying videos.

You can pick videos to enjoy based upon your interests. They have videos on whatever from sport to politics.

Many of the videos are simply advertisements.

Most of the video enjoying chances reward you with 1 SB point for seeing 90 seconds worth of videos.

Users can cash explain for a range of present cards or Paypal money.

For recommendation, a $10 Amazon present card expenses 1,000 SB points.

2. My Points

My Points is best referred to as a business that rewards users for shopping, however it likewise has lots of other methods to make, consisting of viewing videos.

My Points has about 10-11 video viewing chances. You can make anywhere from 2-5 points per video viewed.

They have a range of present cards at different rate points you can squander for.

For referral, a $10 Amazon present card will cost you 1,580 points.

3. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a benefit website that has actually been around for over twenty years. They run similar to Swagbucks, providing users the opportunity to finish studies, jobs and see videos.

And would not you understand it … their video choice is the specific like Swagbucks.

The only distinction in seeing videos with Inbox Dollars vs. Swagbucks is the profits.

With Swagbucks, they award you with 1 point for viewing 90 seconds worth of videos. With InboxDollars, you’re rewarded $0.01 to $0.02 for the very same effort.

The other huge distinction is that you require to build up a minimum of $30 in revenues to squander with InboxDollars.

4. Get Points

Get Points works comparable to Swagbucks and InboxDollars in their offerings.

Get Points benefits you with 7 points for each 3 videos you enjoy that have advertisements. You can enjoy videos an endless quantity of time.

You can squander your points for present cards.

A $10 Walmart present card will run you 10,300 points.

5. Viggle

Viggle is an app that will reward you for enjoying the programs you like. It’s as close as you’ll get to making money to binge-watch your favorites.

Here’s how it works:

You download the Viggle app to your phone. You’ll open the app and pick the program or motion picture you’re viewing when you get prepared to view Television.

You’ll make “Benefit” points for utilizing the app when you view television.

Specific programs will receive more points than others.

You can cash mention for present cards and music downloads.

6. iRazoo

iRazoo has lots of methods for users to make points they can money in for benefits.

Among those methods is through seeing videos.

They utilize the very same program as Swagbuck to use their video seeing benefits. This implies you’ll see brief videos with advertisements to make points.

You’ll require to make 3,000 indicate money in for a $5.00 Amazon present card.

7. Vindale Research study

Vindale is a marketing research business that carries out studies on behalf of business.

They likewise use video studies to those who certify.

To begin, you’ll require to fill and produce an account out your profile. Vindale will then match you with study provides based upon the details in your profile.

You can likewise enjoy videos with advertisements in them for about $0.05 per video.

As soon as your account goes beyond $50 in revenues, you can ask for payment.

8. YSense

Ysense is a benefits website comparable to Swagbucks or InboxDollars. With Ysense, users can generate income by taking studies, finishing deals, and viewing videos.

As a user, as soon as you reach the account minimum, you can squander your benefits balance for a present card or Paypal, Payoneer, or Skrill money.

9. Netflix (Tagger).

How does making money to enjoy Netflix reveals for 20 hours each week noise? To me, respectable!

What numerous do not understand is that Netflix works with a choose variety of “taggers” to see tv programs and after that offer the programs proper tags. This is what assists Netflix make ideas based upon other programs their customers have actually viewed.

When they’re open, Netflix taggers tasks are unusual and go quickly. If you’re interested in this position, you’ll require to examine Netflix’s tasks page often.

I could not discover a reputable source for how much Netflix pays its taggers, however it’s reported to be a high-paying task.

10. Rev.com.

Rev.com is a transcription business that works with closed captioners and transcriptionists on a self-employed basis. Transcriptionists are paid $0.30 to $1.10 per audio minute for transcribing (typing what they hear) audio and video media.

Closed Captioners are paid a little more at $0.54 to $1.10 per video minute. Closed captioners are accountable for enjoying videos and properly typing out what they hear.

To get going with Rev, you’ll use and take an English and Grammar test. You’ll be needed to send a sample if you pass your evaluation. You’ll be employed on a self-employed basis and have access to Rev.com’s library of work if accepted.

You can work as little or as much as you like and make money weekly.

11. MarketForce Details.

Would you like to generate income for seeing motion pictures at the theater– or at the minimum, see motion pictures totally free?

MarketForce Info works with secret buyers to enjoy brand-new films in theaters.

The majority of the cinema secret shopping tasks are offered on the weekend. You can get paid for your time and compensated for your motion picture tickets and in some cases your concessions if you get a secret shopping gig.

They likewise have other positions that would need you to count the variety of individuals seeing particular films.

12. Go Records.

GoTranscript is another business that employs freelancers to transcribe videos. Freelancers can make as much as $0.60 per audio minute. The typical GoTranscript freelancer makes $150 monthly while the leading freelancers make $1,215 each month.

This task is completely versatile and a work-from-home position. To start, you’ll require to send an application and pass their entryway test.

13. Combination Money.

Blend Money is a benefits website that provides its users points for finishing studies, making recommendations, and enjoying videos.

As a user, you can squander when your account reaches a minimum of $25. They pay by means of check, direct deposit, or Paypal.

You’ll most likely like Combination Money too if you delight in seeing videos on InboxDollars or swagbucks.

14. GMR Transcription.

GMR transcription employs freelancers to transcribe audio and video files. You do not require any previous experience to request this position, however you will need to pass a stringent transcription test.

Work is totally versatile. The typical GMR transcriptionist makes in between $1,000 and $3,000 each month.

15. Nielsen Computer System and Mobile Panel.

This concept isn’t * straight * connected to viewing videos, however it is a method for you to make a little additional money while you do anything on the list above. Nielsen, a marketing research business, will pay you $50 each year for installing their app on your computer system or mobile phone.

Through this app, Nielsen will independently and safely monitor your web use practices for marketing research functions.

16. Quick Benefits.

QuickRewards is a benefits website that provides its members “Quick Points” for finishing jobs. Seeing videos pays anywhere from 25– 200 Quick Points. It takes 100 indicate equivalent $0.01, so you ‘d need to enjoy A lots of videos to make a dollar.

Among the advantages of Quick Benefits is that there is no account minimum for squandering. As long as you have $0.01 worth of profits, you can move to Paypal. For present cards, however, you’ll require to make a minimum of $5 to redeem.

17. Earnably.

Earnably is another benefits website comparable to Swagbucks. (Yes, there are a lot of these comparable kinds of websites– so if you like them, you have a lot to register for.) Earnably has actually partnered with Hideout.tv to reward its users for viewing videos.

As an Earnably user, you’ll make 0.7 points per 3 video advertisements you view. For recommendation, it takes 125 indicate squander for $1 in Paypal money. You can take studies and total deals if you’re looking to improve your profits.

18. InstaGC.

InstaGC rewards its users for doing a few of the important things they currently do online, like seeing videos. Their benefits appear to be a bit lower than comparable websites.

At InstaGC, you’ll make 1 point for every 20 videos you enjoy. If you’re tired and require something to do, enjoying these videos will not harm.

19. AdWallet.

AdWallet is a benefits website completely fixated paying its users to see videos. Videos deserve $0.50– $3.00, and there’s just a $10 minimum payment limit.

The drawback is that videos aren’t constantly offered to view. When there’s a video that you certify for, you’ll get an e-mail. You can anticipate to get about one video each week.

20. YouCubez.

YouCubez is a website that assists site owners, marketers, and YouTubers get more eyeballs on their advertisements and sites. It’s one benefits website where you can earn money to see YouTube videos.

The payments are various for each video, and the minimum cashout differs depending upon your subscription level.

The majority of these websites are an enjoyable method to make a little additional money by seeing videos. Do not attempt some prohibited methods to make.

Remember, however, that you’ll make far less than base pay doing so.

Do not anticipate this to total up to anything considerable.

If you view a couple of videos per day in your downtime, you might build up sufficient points to spend lavishly on something like getaway equipment or aid pay for birthday or Christmas presents.

If you like the concept of making money to view videos, you may wish to take a look at my list of websites that pay you to make money or my list of rewarding side hustle concepts!

You may be questioning why business would pay anybody to see videos? It takes 100 points to equivalent $0.01, so you ‘d have to enjoy A Load of videos to make a dollar.

Earnably has actually partnered with Hideout.tv to reward its users for viewing videos.

As an Earnably user, you’ll make 0.7 points per 3 video advertisements you enjoy. At InstaGC, you’ll make 1 point for every 20 videos you see.