3 Main Cyber Threats of 2016 mSpy Protects Users From

When it comes to staying safe online, adults are obviously more cautious than younger Internet users. Parents understand potential threats better and can recognize them more easily. Young people, however, are more willing to show information about themselves online and take fewer steps to protect themselves. The younger generation is also more impatient when it comes to installing software and downloading files.

mSpy provides a range of features that safeguard modern children in most situations. It is one of the best protection tools against cyber threats of forthcoming 2016.


CYBERBULLYING. The number of instant messengers has been growing from year to year. Whatsapp, Wechat, Skype, Viber, Line are widely spread now. In 2016 kids will be especially vulnerable to the practice of cyber-bullying and sexting in which the perpetrators, anonymously or even posing as people their victims trust, will terrorize children in front of their peers. mSpy will focus on kids’ security both in existing and the new social networks and messengers. mSpy plans to add new messengers, social networks and dating services into monitoring lists to provide ultimate kids’ protection in 2016.

ONLINE GAMBLING. Teenagers are exposed to gambling every day. Whether they are watching poker on TV or seeing ads for online gaming websites while surfing the internet, gambling is commonplace in today’s society. As a result, kids start gambling at an early age. With mSpy parents can make sure that children do not spend time on such kind of websites. Now, mSpy monitoring includes all popular Browsers, still in 2016 mSpy plans to increase their number to offer even higher level of protection.

DRUGS. The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate and engage with the world. It was only a matter of time before the drug trade caught up. Teenagers take lots of precautions online to hide their intentions from parents and their methods are evolving. Teenagers use incognito and private internet browser modes, encrypted messengers, make orders online and receive them by mail or even dare to face to face meeting with the dealer. Anyway, with the GPS tracking, provided by mSpy, parents can know if their children are in the wrong or dangerous neighborhood. Moreover mSpy already offers monitoring of Telegram encrypted secret chats and will add monitoring of other encrypted messengers in 2016.

Today mSpy is an international brand that secures children and provides the highest level of monitoring comfort. When it comes to children security online mSpy appears to be one of the most reliable ways to protect them, yet, communicating is still without a doubt the most important thing. The best way to protect children – be close to them and continually discuss what they are watching, reading online and which sites and apps they are using.

Source: PRWeb

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