6 Downsides to Slot Machines to Remember

Each time I stroll into a gambling establishment, I see more bettors sitting at the genuine cash fruit machine than anywhere else. The appeal of slots video games is indisputable. Slot makers aren’t anywhere close to the finest video games for bettors in gambling establishments. Here are 6 downsides about fruit machine that a lot…


Are You Being Manipulated? How to recognize manipulators?

We all want to get our needs met, but manipulators use underhanded methods. Manipulation is a way to covertly influence someone with indirect, deceptive, or abusive tactics. Manipulation may seem benign or even friendly or flattering as if the person has your highest concern in mind, but in reality, it’s to achieve an ulterior motive….


It’s scarily easy to run spyware on your significant other’s smartphone

If you thought only the government has advanced spying tools for your iPhone or Android device, then you were wrong. It turns out that it’s pretty easy to spy on people, including your significant other or children, by installing commercially available applications. It’s also illegal, and if you’re thinking about doing it, there are probably…


How much does Google know about you? Personal Records on Google?

Most of us have come to accept the fact that pretty much everything we do online is tracked and recorded. And as the world’s biggest company, Google probably holds more data about us than anyone else – allowing the search giant to provide advertisers with detailed profiles of its users. But have you ever wondered…


8-Year-Old Was Bullied Before Killing Himself

School officials never told the mother of an 8-year-old Ohio boy who killed himself that another student had thrown him against the wall two days earlier and knocked him unconscious in an attack recorded by a surveillance video, attorneys for the boy’s mother said Thursday. The 8-year-old hanged himself with a necktie in the bedroom…

How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

Susan* bought her 6-year-old son John an iPad when he was in first grade. “I thought, ‘Why not let him get a jump on things?’ ” she told me during a therapy session. John’s school had begun using the devices with younger and younger grades — and his technology teacher had raved about their educational…