How can TikTok make you pay to view videos?

To take part in the program, individuals should:

1. Have your own account in the app Tick tock.

2. You should be at least 18 years of ages or live in Peru and be frequently signed up on the platform Tick tock I agree with you Regards to Usage

3. Owning a current telephone number with a telecom network provider.

Just how much does TikTok pay to see videos?

Individuals are rewarded with points for their involvement in the program. Points are TikTok’s internal reward system that is converted into information top-ups or coupons depending upon the user’s option.

Points can be converted into money at a set rate of 10,000 points for S/. 1.

They get a discount coupon code that they can utilize to redeem items or get discount rates when users redeem points for mobile vouchers.

Individuals can withdraw their points as quickly as they appear by clicking the “Withdraw” button.

How to make points

When an individual currently has an account Tick tockyou can make points by advising brand-new users with your recommendation code. The referral code is offered to the individuals by means of an alert in the app.

When the customer wishes to make points by referring brand-new users to Tick tockThese brand-new users need to fulfill the following requirements:

not be an existing TikTok user
You didn’t utilize any other TikTok recommendation code to check in
Be an Argentine resident or have a legal residence in Peru who is at least 18 years of ages
Download TikTok and log in to utilize it within 10 days of using the referral code

When a brand-new user downloads Tick tock As explained, the user who sent the recommendation code utilized to register this brand-new user is certified to get a minimum of 10,000 points and the brand-new user will get a minimum of points 6 thousand points.