How to find keyword search volume? STEP-BY-STEP

Keyword search volume can be a valuable tool for marketers to better understand how their target audience is engaging with their content.

To use it, first, you need to decide on the keywords you want to track.

Think of the terms and phrases most relevant to your brand or product that a customer might use in a search engine.

Then, use a keyword research tool to see how many searches these words receive.

Most tools will provide a range of insights such as how often people perform the search, what’s the average cost of running an ad with that keyword, and more.

Some tools are simple and only give you the number of searches, while others provide a more detailed analysis.

Once you have the search volumes, you can decide which keywords to prioritize for your campaign.

For an even more detailed understanding of the keywords related to your brand or product, try using a keyword gap analysis tool.

This tool compares the search volumes of two terms or phrases and reveals any gaps in search activity.

For example, if you wanted to compare the search volumes for ‘buy shoes’ and ‘discount shoes’, this tool would show you the difference in searches for each of these terms.

Finally, once you have your list of keywords and their associated search volumes, you can begin to optimize your content for these terms.

Using the keyword search volume helps you focus on the words customers are actually searching for, making your SEO strategy more effective.

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