How to find most searched keywords on Google? STEP-BY-STEP

Finding the most searched keywords on Google can be accomplished by taking a few simple steps.

1. Use the Google Keyword Planner. Google’s Keyword Planner tool is a great place to start researching relevant keywords for your content and website. It will provide you with a list of keywords that have been used in the past, as well as estimated search volumes for each keyword.

2. Research the competition. Take a look at the competition’s websites and content to see which keywords they’re targeting. This can give you an idea of the keywords that are potentially high-value.

3. Look at search queries. Head over to the Google Trends tool to find out what people are searching for related to your topic. This will tell you which keywords are getting high search volumes and are likely to be valuable.

4. Check other sources. Make sure to check tools such as Moz or SEMRush to get an idea of the competition you’ll face when targeting specific keywords. This will give you an idea of which keywords are worth focusing on.

5. Analyze your results. Finally, once you’ve gathered all of the data, take some time to analyze it. You can use various tools such as spreadsheets or analytics packages to figure out which keywords are the highest value and which ones you should focus on.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to identify the most searched keywords on Google and target them more effectively in your content and marketing campaigns. I hope this helps!

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