How to get my podcast on iTunes? STEP-BY-STEP

Getting your podcast onto iTunes is actually a relatively easy process and can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Create a podcast RSS feed. This feed will contain the necessary information for iTunes to find and list your podcast correctly. You can use a podcast hosting service or create your own feed from scratch.

2. Submit your podcast RSS feed to iTunes. To do this, you will need to sign up for an Apple ID and login to iTunes Connect. From there, you will be able to submit your podcast RSS feed. Once submitted, iTunes will review your podcast feed.

3. Publish your podcast. Once your podcast RSS feed has been accepted by iTunes, you can start publishing episodes. The podcast hosting service or RSS feed platform you are using will give you instructions on how to upload new episodes.

4. Promote your podcast. After you have uploaded some episodes to your podcast RSS feed, it’s time to start promoting your podcast. You can promote your podcast on social media, create an official website and blog, and even submit your podcast to podcast directories.

By following these four steps, you’ll be able to get your podcast on iTunes and start growing your audience!

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