How to make money on internet?

The concept of the internet works similar to our world. 
It is in the business of connecting computers, phones, and other devices to each other through your web browser.
What we do on the internet is make money.
No, that’s not a typo. 
That’s exactly what we do.
The big difference between the internet and your normal life lies in two words, “advertising.”
There are many factors involved in making money online, but I’m looking at only two of the most important ones:
Search engine marketing, aka SEM, is the practice of placing a website on a search engine that is known as a major keyword. 
When a user types a keyword on a search engine, he will be presented with a list of websites. 
These websites are of the most importance because they represent the best of the internet.
Now if a user is looking for a certain item, such as a cat, or a bike, or a book on a certain topic, he will find a website that offers the item or services he’s looking for.
The internet is full of businesses that make a living doing this type of advertising. 
The best ones (especially on the web) are called “moz” companies.
The word “moz” means “that which is found”. 
In other words, the best websites are the websites that people use to find out information that they can help them. 
As you can probably tell, this is very simple and intuitive, but it is hard to understand for the average internet user.
Let’s put this into simple terms right now:
If you go to Google, and type in your keyword, you are presented with the website of the best websites on the internet. 
You just have to type the keyword in and you’ll see that this website contains your company’s name, where you are from, and some other information. 
On the other hand, this is just an example. 
In fact, if you click on an icon next to the website, this will show you more information on the website.
The actual search engine is not all that complicated. It’s like Google, but it also features a search box and ‘featured search results’. 
It is also extremely difficult to find the very best websites, because they have a number of factors, like relevance to your keywords, backlinks, and a good rating on Google.
Now, let’s get this straight. You have to make money with a search engine, like Google, so it makes sense that you would make money with the internet. 
Now it may sound difficult, but it is not a difficult thing to understand.

Now the hard part.
Now I’m sure you don’t like a lot of hard work, but I need you to understand something.
The internet is for everyone, rich or not-rich.
Yes, in the beginning, the internet was for the richest people in the world, and then it became so much for the middle and the lowest.
The internet has now become an education for all who are interested.
This is where you stand now.
You get it, right?
Now the question is, how much money can you make working on the internet?
I’ll tell you the answer to this question, and then I’ll ask you to answer some of your own questions.
How much money can you make on the internet?
Before I tell you how much money you can make, let me explain why I am going to tell you.
What makes this whole internet thing so confusing is that a lot of people ask how much money they can make on the internet. 
And I am happy to make this answer clear for all, because there are very few answers.
But as for me, I actually enjoy giving examples.
Now let’s take a look at one example.
If you’ve ever heard of a popular online service, such as Facebook, or Blogger, you’ve probably heard of its affiliate program. 
This program is similar to the one that Amazon, or eBay, uses for its own affiliate programs.
At first, Amazon’s affiliate program (or eBay’s affiliate program) is in the business of selling stuff. 
This is something that most people understand, but people that are unfamiliar with ecommerce have a few questions. 
For example, how do I find the product if I want to make a purchase? This is what every internet marketer wants to know. 
The answer is called a “product recommendation.”

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