How to name a podcast? STEP-BY-STEP

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Step 1: Brainstorm a Title. Think of different titles that reflect your topic and be creative. Consider the title of your podcast as an introduction to your whole show, so make sure it is catchy and memorable.

Step 2: Research Other Podcasts. Look at the top ranked, most popular, and longest running podcasts for ideas and inspiration. This can help you understand what other people are looking for and what would work well for your own podcast as well.

Step 3: Ask for Feedback. Once you’ve narrowed down a few names, ask family, friends, and potential listeners for their opinion. It is important to get feedback from people who are not familiar with your topic or podcast production to get a more objective point of view.

Step 4: Choose Your Podcast Name. Finally, consider what makes sense for your specific content and audience. If a name becomes too long, might be difficult to remember, or isn’t SEO friendly, choose another. Ultimately, the name should capture the essence and purpose of your podcast.

Step 5: Test Your Name. Make sure that the name is available on all social media channels as well as iTunes and Google Play Music. Also, always double-check that the podcast address, website domain, and social handles are all available.

Step 6: Expand Your Name. Once you have chosen your podcast name, create an official logo or graphic with it. This can make your podcast more recognizable and stand out in the highly competitive podcast market.

Step 7: Promote Your Podcast. Now that you have your name and logo, begin promoting your podcast. Use your social media presence and website as platforms to spread the word about your show and start connecting with potential listeners.

Good luck!

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