Inbox “Dollars” can be earned by selling a “preorder” item

Inbox Dollars can be earned by selling a “preorder” item – a game or an item bundled with a service. 
We are also offering 30% cash back on preorder purchases.
Here is an example:
The player purchases a game bundle with a service. They have a $100 pre-order credit that they use to pay for the bundle. 
They can then make a purchase of the preordered game. 
They could pay for the service as well as the title, or pay for the title, but they could receive no cash back. 
When they spend the preorder credit, they will automatically earn the cash back on the purchase, but the game will not be available until the next month.
How do these credits work?
You earn two “pre-orders” – either to buy a game bundle with a service or a title bundled with a service. 
When you “purchase” a product, you will automatically get the cash back on it. 
You can “purchase” a series of items as part of a preorder, for example by buying a $100 preorder credit. 
You need to buy the preorder credit with a $100 preorder credit purchase. 
Once you have a preorder credit, you will earn 100% of the available cash back when you buy the item with it.
Here is an example. 
The player purchases a $100 credit. 
They pay for the credit with a $100 credit purchase. 
They can do this in the same way as you purchased the preorder. 
They will then be able to pay for the cash back of the service or the title with a $100 cash back credit. 
Once they have the cash back, they can immediately redeem the preorder for the title.
Here is an example of multiple credits. This could be the same player on two different sites.
I love this site! You offer such a unique and exciting concept – and I especially love the way it’s handled. 
There is a way some sites let you buy a game without registering first. 
This is something I had to work around, for example trying to figure out if you could purchase the game “with” some sort of bonus, rather than buy it directly from the site. 
Also, this is a great way to get some extra cash back on preorder purchases – it’s the way we do it at our own site (the cash back site).
There are a couple of points to keep in mind. 
If the preorder credit you buy for the title is good for only a month, then the cash back you earn from the cash back site will only apply to the purchase of that title. 
So if you buy the $100 credit, then use the cash back credit to pay for the preorder, and then for the credit, then you will not be able to use the cash back to buy any other item. 
When you redeem the credit for the title, you should also be aware that it’s at the discretion of the site operator to determine if the preorder is good for use in this year (and if you don’t like it, you can request a refund). 
In addition, sometimes there are things that you can only buy (without the preorder credit) and these might also limit the cash back you can earn.

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