This Mount Everest wedding is anything but ordinary

This Mount Everest wedding is anything but ordinary

This takes “destination wedding” to a whole new level.

Meet the couple who just made Mount Everest’s base camp the location of their nuptials: Ashley Schmieder and James Sissom.

Just as many other wedding photos you see crowd your Facebook feed, this couple donned a full suit and wedding dress for the occasion. They didn’t need to do any site scouting for the perfect photo, they already had Everest ready to do the work for them.

Mount Everest’s base camp is location 17,000 feet above sea level, meaning the newly betrothed would have had to train to deal with altitude sickness among all of the other planning that comes with a wedding ceremony.

Their trip for the ceremony took three weeks, and they were joined by wedding photographer Charleton Churchill who trekked to the camp for the vows.

First couple married at Everest Base Camp

It’s not for everyone, and the couple knows that.

“After much deliberation, we decided a traditional wedding was not the right fit for us,” Schmieder told The Daily Mail. “As much as we would have loved to share our special day with our family and friends, we were both drawn to the idea of eloping during an incredible vacation.”

And this was about much more than some incredible photos.

“I wanted to document a real couple getting married, the journey along the way, the pain, the happiness, the tiredness, the struggles, as well as the romantic chemistry of the couple,” Churchill said. “More than that, I wanted to portray the contrast that exists between the intimidatingly majestic mountains and the small, fragile love between two humans.”

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