Okcoin reveals benefits for users to generate income on crypto holdings

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Okcoin has actually introduced a rewards-based Earn function for its cryptocurrency exchange, allowing individuals to utilize their web and mobile apps to generate income on their cryptocurrency holdings.

The concept belongs to a strategy to motivate individuals to embrace decentralized financing (DeFi) by providing ease of use, benefit, and much better chances than they can get with conventional banking.

It likewise takes place to have actually been developed by a women-led group, consisting of Okcoin CEO Hong Fang, who formerly operated at Goldman Sachs. The business’s mobile app has an user-friendly user interface developed to expand the appeal of cryptocurrency beyond the (mainly male) lovers that accepted it in its early years. San Francisco-based Okcoin itself was around in those early years, founded in 2013.

” In our heart, our company believe in a decentralized future,” Fang stated in an interview with VentureBeat. “And we see a great deal of prospective to enter that instructions.”

Now, in spite of some missteps connected to the newness of crypto with regulators, Okcoin is a fast-growing cryptocurrency platform with countless consumers in 190 nations, taking on competitors like CoinBase, which went public this year in a $65 billion going public. It provides trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 25 other crypto properties.

It’s not a last state,” stated Fang. We are certainly seeing extensive interest from both institutional and retail financiers. Retail is more unpredictable, provided the current volatility in this most current wave.

Business history

The business has about 150 workers, compared to 40 prior to the pandemic. And it’s employing.

And there, she worked on investing in Okcoin, a subsidiary of Ok Group, and got to understand Xu in 2016. That’s when she went down the crypto bunny hole, and invested in the business in 2017.

Xu believed in the innovation of crypto, which’s what drew Fang into it. She moved into operations at Okcoin in 2019 and ended up being CEO of the Okcoin subsidiary in 2020. Xu stays the CEO and creator of OKAY Group, the moms and dad business, however he is not associated with the daily operations of Okcoin.

There have actually been a couple of times when the business had trading missteps. He was jailed once again in 2019 in an examination into the business’s backdoor listing in Hong Kong. From those experiences, Fang stated the business found out to be “anti-fragile” and discovered to adjust to altering regulative policies.

” He was a really optimistic individual at heart and had enthusiasm for the objective,” Fang stated. “That drove my financial investment in Okcoin. Crypto is not crypto if you take out the frightening part.

These are the type of issues that have actually made traditional users shy about crypto adoption in the past. Fang stated the fundamental objective hasn’t altered, and the business has actually found out to be durable as it pursues the regulated exchange technique.

“We think in crypto. With Okcoin, we took the managed path as we think that is crucial to present the more comprehensive audience to crypto.

Presenting Earn

The addition of the Earn function to the mobile app makes it simple for anybody to not just offer and purchase cryptocurrency, however to likewise make high yearly portion yield (APY, a number that designates the interest made on savings accounts) on it while the properties being in their portfolio– all at the tap of a button.

Okcoin users do not pay any costs on APY acquired, and Earn has existing deals like 10% APY on the cryptocurrency Stacks (STX), a Layer 2 procedure (a secondary structure or procedure that is built on top of an existing blockchain system, typically suggested to accelerate deals or minimize charges). That offer pays revenues out in Bitcoin (BTC).

The typical rate of interest for savings accounts in the U.S. is 0.06%, according to monetary services website Bankrate.com. While the APY rates on Okcoin Earn change according to market need for each cryptocurrency, yield rates on digital possessions stay higher than any provided in conventional financing, stated Dana Van Etten, head of brand name style at Okcoin, in an interview with VentureBeat.

The platform does not take any costs on financiers’ yield as part of Okcoin’s concentrate on motivating cryptocurrency adoption.

Broadening the base

While crypto’s gender imbalance was apparent in its early years, the issue is still apparent; a current research study exposed just 15% of bitcoin traders are female. Okcoin is setting out to level the monetary playing field for both ladies and minorities at large by making crypto investing available and simple to all experience levels with its latest app function.

” Historically, crypto has actually been mostly controlled by guys,” stated Van Etten. “We see remarkable chance in crypto for ladies to be a much larger part of this decentralized future. It seems like we’re on the edge of emergency.”

Famous stars are entering into the area and raising its profile, and a great deal of designers and engineers are entering into the marketplace to get tasks in crypto, Fang stated. “Beginning with in 2015, end of in 2015, throughout this entire year, things are altering.”

And we truly placed the rebrand to reach retail clients like myself where crypto is not their primary thing,” Van Etten stated. We have actually been truly attempting to take on the issue of how do we make this friendly and available and less simply intimidating to those who do not truly understand this world of crypto.”


Van Etten stated the business went through a redesign of its branding on the mobile app, with a brand-new visual style language and the addition of the Earn function.

” Our consumers have actually been asking for it for an extremely long time,” Van Etten stated. It nearly feels a little too simple to put your cryptos for work in simply a couple of taps, letting you make benefits. You essentially put crypto worth in a locked account and you make benefits.

She kept in mind that other exchanges take costs on the benefits. To navigate “gas charges” associated with calculating use, Okcoin utilizes Layer 2 services for Bitcoin and Ethereum trading.

” This is our entrance to the entire DeFi environment,” Van Etten stated. “It’s a brand-new method of opening worth for individuals.”

Okcoin’s brand-new mobile app introduced as part of the platform’s current rebrand, which doubled down on the business’s objective to construct a more inclusive monetary future and empower the generally economically disenfranchised to produce wealth. Okcoin Earn is presently offered to U.S. users, with strategies to extend to other nations in the future.

” From completion of in 2015 till now, our platform in regards to both users and active users and registration throughout the funnel has actually been growing 30 times, which is respectable,” Fang stated.


A lot of the consumers who are on the platform are purchasing Bitcoin and holding it (called HODL, or hang on for dear life).

” We are delighted with that, and Earn is ending up being a popular function on our platform, as they are putting some of their crypto possessions into it,” Fang stated. “Historically, we have actually been seeing more of our user base being male, however we are seeing more and more interest from females.

You can’t do things like present crypto to another person yet, however that is on the roadmap, stated Dongwan Xie, senior item designer at Okcoin, in an interview with VentureBeat. It took a couple of months of work to produce the Earn function.

” There utilized to be this actually high bar of technical knowledge that you required to be part of this entire crypto world,” Van Etten stated. “I have actually had my mother purchase and download the app Bitcoin in like 2 taps.”

In addition, Okcoin has actually increased its recommendation bonus offer to $50 as an effort to assist more individuals find the advantages of cryptocurrency. Formerly $10, the $50 perk is paid in BTC to any users whose recommendation purchases a minimum of $100 of cryptocurrency.

As for the ladies leading the Earn task, Fang stated, “I feel happy of my group’s achievement, regardless of gender. Our group is extremely varied, with a lot of individuals and immigrants who were born here. And the group who have actually been working on the mobile app version took place to be ladies.”

Crypto is not crypto if you take out the frightening part. With Okcoin, we took the controlled path as we think that is crucial to present the wider audience to crypto.” Historically, crypto has actually been mainly controlled by males,” stated Van Etten. And we actually placed the rebrand to reach retail consumers like myself where crypto is not their primary thing,” Van Etten stated.” We are delighted with that, and Earn is ending up being a popular function on our platform, as they are putting some of their crypto possessions into it,” Fang stated.