Study Addict Testimonial 2021: Is This Survey Site Fraud Or Legit?

Study Junkie is among the higher-paying online incentives websites available. Given that it pays so well, we’ve made a decision to create a Study Addict testimonial.

I’m mosting likely to offer you the full failure. You’ll learn just how much you can gain, whether it deserves your time and find the answer to the concern: “Is Survey Addict legit or fraud?”

Typically, I’m not specifically keen on taking online surveys as a means to generate income because of their tiresome work.

Nonetheless, with over 3 million customers across the globe and decent profits, I could not pass up a survey junkie evaluation.

The very best component?

It’s 100% FREE to join.

What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Addict is a free benefits program that pays you to take on the internet studies and is currently one of one of the most popular websites of its kind. The responses you provide are utilized to assist firms boost their services and products.

The reason you’re paid is due to the fact that firms pay Study Junkie in exchange for the data you give. Rather than maintaining it all for themselves, they provide a portion of it back to you.

All of the responses that you give are kept totally anonymous, so there’s absolutely no chance somebody can map an answer back to you.

Each time you complete a study you get a specific number of factors. These factors can be exchanged for cash prizes such as present cards to popular retailers or direct deposits to PayPal.

In the past, Survey Addict was recognized for spamming your inbox with study offers. Nonetheless, due to the massive amount of issues that they obtained, they’ve avoided doing this. It’s 100% FREE to register.

Pros & Disadvantages Of Study Addict

Here’s a quick listing of the advantages and disadvantages of what Survey Junkie has to use:

There’s definitely no charge to sign up with. Never register for a survey website that asks you for cash money
Factors can be traded for both cash to PayPal as well as for present cards
Your information will go toward assisting companies boost their services and products
Answers that you give are kept completely confidential
Prospective for high revenues (depends upon your demographics).
Enrollment benefit of $.25 cents.
If you’re not qualified for a study, you’re still offered factors.


Depending on numerous variables, the payment additionally has the prospective to be rather low.
Occasionally you’ll be a couple of concerns in just to discover that you aren’t eligible for a survey.
Minimum equilibrium of $10 USD needed for Payout.
Only users from the United States, Canada and also Australia can participate with strategies to broaden.
Can be taxing and tiresome if you take low-paying studies.

In What Countries Can I Use Survey Addict?

Right now Survey Addict is just available in the USA, Canada as well as Australia, but with plans to broaden to the United Kingdom and also New Zealand.

The factor for their minimal country choice is since they want to offer accurate details for their customers. A lot of the business they work with operate out of these nations.

If they were to allow anybody to take the study, the data they provide would not work.

Users from the USA and Canada will certainly make one of the most cash, but this does not suggest that the Australians or various other nations ought to back out. You can still make a good quantity of money regardless of where you are.

How Much Can I Make With Study Junkie?

The currency that Survey Junkie uses is a point system with 100 points equal to $1 USD. The quantity you can gain depends on a variety of aspects:.

The amount of surveys you decide to take.
Your account info.

How Many Surveys You Must Take.

Study Junkie desires their individuals to take just a couple of surveys daily. While you can clearly take greater than this, it may not be worth your time because you’ll only be left with low-paying surveys once the high-paying ones run out.

The reason Survey Junkie does not want you to do this is because individuals who take several surveys in one sitting often tend to hurry through them as well as give inaccurate information.

In short, their primary objective is to get high quality pollster to ensure that business are offered with one of the most legit details offered. Because of this, we suggest just taking an optimum of 5 per day.

Furthermore, we’ve located that the more studies you take, the higher the quality of studies you’ll obtain in the future. By constantly taking a minimum of 1– 2 a day, you’ll be seen as a regular survey taker and be awarded for your initiatives.

Your Profile Details.

It’s important that you fill in your profile as precisely as feasible. The surveys you are given are based on your preferences that you fill-out when you first develop an account. Not just that, but Study Junkie will check to see if your responses follow one another.

If you end up giving various answers for similar concerns, it is feasible that they’ll take notice and also either suspend your account or stop providing you with brand-new surveys.


As pointed out over, users from the US as well as Canada will make the most cash. However, Australian individuals can still make a suitable hourly rate. If you have access to Study Addict, we extremely suggest ending up being a participant given that it is among the highest paying study sites around.


One of the disadvantages regarding Study Addict is the eligibility requirements for taking a survey. Although they provide you studies based upon your profile details, this doesn’t suggest that you’re able to finish each study successfully.

For instance, sometimes you’ll be taking a survey a few inquiries in only to discover that you’re not eligible. This is since they may not desire you to finish the survey based upon the very first few answers that you offer.

Luckily, they have a tendency to usually do this within the first couple of concerns. If you wind up being disqualified for a survey, they’ll tell you swiftly as to not squander your time.

The terrific thing about Survey Junkie? You’re offered a few factors if you’re not qualified for a survey. According to their stats, they generally locate that typically individuals get approved for 1 out of 4 surveys.

So Just How Much Can I Earn?

In the past, Study Junkie would certainly assert that you could make $20+ per hour taking surveys online. Nevertheless, they have actually altered a fair bit. Now they’re honest about their revenues, specifying you can just make around $1– $3 per study.

For me personally, I’ve located that you can make anywhere from $5– $12 per hour with Survey Junkie. If you intend to gain at a rate more detailed to $12 per hour, stay with higher-paying surveys that can be finished in a brief quantity of time.

This suggests that you will not in fact be investing that much time on the site. There’s a limitation for higher-paying studies they provide.

If you end up taking every study that stumbles upon your means, you’ll be on the lower-end earning closer to $5 per hr.

For this reason, adhere to the higher-paying ones, even if there’s just a few. Or else, it’s unworthy your time. Logging-in one or two times a day to look for new study opportunities is a terrific method to earn some money.

From time to time I’ll locate that I can take a 300 factor study ($ 3 USD) that will only take 10 minutes! However, not all studies resemble this. Anticipate each study to take anywhere from 5-20 mins with the earnings of $1– $3 per study.

Bear in mind that it is essential to take studies continually. If Study Addict notices that you’re logging-in daily to take surveys, they’re most likely to give with more possibilities to earn money.

Just how Do I Get Extra Higher-Paying Studies?

Desire a higher payment? Take a lot more surveys.

Even if you don’t earn that much initially, Survey Addict will compensate you for being a constant survey taker. Take 1– 2 studies a day for a week and you’ll be given surveys that pay closer to the $3 range that only take around 10– 20 minutes to complete.

This is just how you get closer to making around $12 per hour, as well as sometimes I have actually gained at a rate of about $18 per hour.

Is Survey Addict A Scam Or Legit?

The only point that truly troubles me concerning Survey Junkie is that in the past they would frequently promote themselves as one of the best survey websites on the web. As pointed out above, they’ve come a long way.

They no more send spammy e-mails. They recognize longer claim you can quickly make $20 per hr. No more bombardment of free-trial offers in hopes that you’ll sign-up. Basically, Study Junkie is no longer “scammy” like it when was.

So is Study Junkie legit, or is Survey Junkie a scam? From my personal experience, Survey Addict is a genuine study website. They’ve always paid me on time as well as have paid me the full amount. Anticipate around 1– 3 days to receive your settlement with a maximum wait of 7 days.

Furthermore, they have an A+ ranking from the BBB, a great sign for any benefits site. Bear in mind that when searching for their testimonials on BBB, Survey Junkie is listed as Blue Media Ventures, Inc

. If you have actually located that Study Addict is a fraud and also have not gotten any kind of payments, please let us understand in the comments listed below.

How Do I Get Started With Study Addict?

Getting started with Study Junkie is incredibly straightforward and it’s 100% FREE to join. In order to ensure you do not miss any details, we’re going to break the registration process into 5 simple steps.

1. Register.

You can register for a complimentary Study Junkie. All you will certainly need to complete is your email and to develop a password. You get a cost-free $.25 cent perk just for registering as a new user.

2. Complete your online account.

Although this isn’t required, we extremely suggest filling in your online profile as the very first thing you do. It just takes a couple of minutes as well as offers you 50 factors.

Furthermore, you’re more likely to have even more surveys in the future by filling it out. When you complete, make certain to also go to your Accounts section to fill out more information about on your own and also receive a lot more surveys.

3. Take studies.

As pointed out above, we suggest only taking surveys that get on the higher end. This is since a great deal of the lower-paying surveys will not be worth your time. By taking the highest-paying surveys you can expect to earn at the very least $9– $10 per hr.

4. Retrieve your factors for cash.

As soon as your cash gets to a minimal equilibrium of 1,000 points ($ 10 USD), you can exchange them for prize money such as gift cards as well as straight down payments to PayPal.

Last time I checked, you might either choose or Target present cards. Nevertheless, bear in mind that these deals may transform. I’ve directly never ever had a missed or late payment from Study Addict.

What Are Some Other High-Paying Online Study Sites?

Just because you run out of high-paying surveys with Study Addict doesn’t mean that you need to stop there. Below are 3 various other high-paying online study sites that we advise.

1. Vindale Study.

Enrollment Bonus offer: $1.
Join Vindale Research.

Vindale Research begins with a $1 sign-up incentive. The fantastic point I like concerning this study website is that I never tend to run out of surveys to participate in. Sometimes I can even take the same study several times daily.

When you stick to the higher-paying studies with Vindale Research, you can anticipate to earn anywhere between $10– $15 per hour, with $10 per hr being extra common.

Sometimes you’ll locate that there are studies that compensate to $50, yet these are less usual as well as usually take a few hrs to complete. These longer surveys are generally provided to even more experienced users.

2. PointClub.

Enrollment Perk: $5.

PointClub is among the very best online survey sites around as a result of their $5 enrollment perk and also high-paying studies. It’s not uncommon for customers to earn approximately $15 per hour.

Unlike Survey Junkie, the majority of their studies aren’t a waste of time. Additionally, you never have to go into a study just to find out that you’re ineligible a couple of inquiries in. When you start it, you’ll always be able to complete it.

In order to optimize your earnings with PointClub, you’ll need to sign-in daily. For every 5 consecutive days that you log-in your account, you obtain a 10% bonus offer on all profits with a cap of 100%.

3. Respected Academic.

Enrollment Incentive: None.

Prolific Academic is without a doubt one of my preferred rewards sites around. You earn money to participate in online study studies. Not only are these studies extremely interesting, yet you likewise get paid incredibly well, with some research studies paying you as much as $30 per hour.

There won’t be a variety of offers researches readily available, yet make sure to order them when they are. You don’t desire them to vanish as a result of a limited amount of individuals.

They likewise have a little bonus offer for every time you refer a buddy. If you’re trying to find a well-paying rewards site, we most definitely suggest Prolific Academic.

4. Springboard America.

Registration Bonus Offer: None.

Springboard America is most likely the closest study site it reaches when it comes to matching Survey Addict’s payout rate. While they do have a lot of low-paying surveys, they likewise come furnished with plenty of high-paying ones.

The excellent thing about Springboard America is that just by completing studies, you’re automatically entered into their reward drawings. Although they’re difficult to win, you’re at least given an opportunity.

I’ve located that at most, I can make a maximum of $18 per hr with Springboard America (adhering to well-paying studies). Nevertheless, a more accurate hovers around $12 per hour.

Like Survey Addict, you can’t make a permanent living off of this. If you only stick to high-paying surveys that offer you at least $10 per hr or more, you might be just to take one per day.

5. Swagbucks.

Registration Perk: $5– $10 (modifications often).

Although Swagbucks isn’t the highest paying survey website about, I still locate that sometimes I can still make around $10 per hour taking surveys.

Not only that, however Swagbucks additionally pays you for things you normally do each day. Gain money seeing videos, playing games, shopping online, clipping vouchers, taking polls as well as even more.

If you’re looking for greater than just a survey website, Swagbucks is a great next selection. When you refer a friend, you earn 10% of every one of their profits forever.

What Do Others Have To Claim About Survey Addict?

Just because we claim that Survey Addict isn’t a rip-off, don’t totally take our word for it. Below’s a quick listing of various other sites that provide Study Addict testimonials:.

FullTimeJobFromHome offers Survey Addict only 3 out of 5 celebrities. They state that Survey Junkie has actually ended up being less scammy throughout the years. However, they find the absence of studies worrying and also choose other survey sites.
Opportunity Checker provides props to the study website and also states that you can earn quite a bit of money. Regardless, use diligence and also caution before moving forward.

Are There Better Ways To Make Money Online?

Basically, the response is indeed. There are far better methods to earn money online. Although they can take a while to accumulate, you can obtain a lot more than you would with Survey Addict.

This blog site presently generates income with marketing and also associates. I began this site out of pure interest, trying to aid those make and also save money in odd and also distinct manner ins which a lot of have actually never ever come across.

With consistent effort and with the delight of creating, I was able to produce a complying with as well as ultimately make a living through FFL– and also you can do the very same.

I even wrote 7 steps on just how to produce a successful individual money blog. While this write-up satisfies individual financing, any type of subject will certainly work.

As long as you want what you’re creating, you’re bound to be more successful than you think. You can likewise look into 5 reasons to start a blog site.

It takes just a second to have a blog up and running. We suggest utilizing NameCheap for domain name registration since they’re reputable and economical.

For organizing, we suggest Bluehost. They can obtain a year’s worth of holding for $3.95/ month and also a complimentary domain for new members. Calculating this out turns out to be less than $50 per year to run a blog site.

Last Thoughts.

Study Addict is excellent for those who wish to make a couple of additional bucks occasionally. I personally discover it excellent for those that are sitting in the workplace as well as have a couple of spare mins on their hand.

Bear in mind, we only recommend that you take the high-paying surveys that take a minimal quantity of time and effort. Otherwise, you’ll be making dimes on the dollar and also will swiftly get stressed out with lower-paying studies.

Usage various other survey websites along with Survey Junkie to optimize your income. By positioning every one of your time into Survey Junkie, you’re not optimizing your survey income to the max.

Study Junkie is definitely not a scam! While they may have been a bit iffy in the past, they’ve come a long way, and also are now one of the extra legit internet sites on the web.

We wish you have actually appreciated our Survey Junkie review. If you’ve utilized this study website and want to share any one of your individual viewpoints on the site, feel free to leave them down below. We ‘d like to hear about them. Thanks for analysis and satisfied frugaling!