Survey Addict Testimonial: Scam or Legit Way To Make Money?

Where does Study Junkie rank amongst survey sites? What are the fastest methods to cash out? In this thorough Study Addict review, see what we gained from signing up as well as offering it a trial run.

Is Study Junkie legit? Is it worth your time? This Study Addict review will educate you every little thing you need to know, starting with the number one question on most people’s minds: how much can you expect to gain?

My Survey Junkie One-Week Trial Outcomes

To find out how much you can realistically gain on Study Addict, I registered and invested an average of thirty minutes each day completing studies.

As part of my examination, I completed all of Survey Junkie’s account questionnaires. These are short, standard surveys on subjects like innovation, wellness as well as traveling, and are suggested to ensure that Survey Junkie can send you much more targeted (and higher-paying) studies. To optimize your making possibility on this or any other study website, you’ll wish to make certain to address every one of these you’re used.

Furthermore, I completed the site’s “Survey Assortments,” which have less than 10 inquiries each and likewise aid the business far better target you with surveys.

After setting up my profile and also addressing all the demographic questions, I attempted 20 studies over the course of a week, of which I got approved for 10.

In overall, I earned an average of $3.75/ per hour.

My certification price boosted the much more surveys I took. There was a point where I was kicked out of 7 straight surveys, however by the end, things actually enhanced and also I got four in a row.

The screenshot below reveals some of the surveys I tried and also completed.

In general, this pay rate gets on par with what others have reported and what you can anticipate from study sites generally. Nevertheless, because of Survey Addict’s low minimum payout of $5, this is just one of the far better alternatives to start with. (Various other sites have minimal payments as high as $50.).

Additionally, Study Junkie now uses users the possibility to join free item tests, live customer teams, as well as one-on-one call to carry out marketing research. These opportunities are rare, but they can compensate to $100 when offered.

Simply put, Survey Addict is not implied to supply a permanent revenue. Instead, it’s best considered as a means to make $25 to $50 in money per month (which is feasible with consistent use), with an occasional $50 or $100 opportunity thrown into the mix.

Study Addict has a stellar track record as well as is extensively regarded as among the best paid study websites. If you’re new to on the internet studies, its reduced minimum withdrawal and also user friendly user interface make it an excellent site to begin with. Just share sensible assumptions: you’ll make about $4 per hour, with an uncommon opportunity to earn much more.

It is among the highest-rated and also most well-known paid study sites.
Study chances enhance with the even more time you invest in the site.
The really reduced $5 minimum withdrawal that makes it very easy to cash out.


Has a limited choice of cash-out choices contrasted to some other sites.
Survey Addict says that typically, you just get approved for 1 out of 5 studies. (My qualification rate was 50%.).

Just How Does Survey Addict Work?

One benefit to Survey Addict is that no phone number is needed when you sign up. The sign-up procedure is quick and easy, so you can begin earning your factors asap.

As soon as you reach the Study Addict homepage, just click “Join Now.” Then, you’ll obtain the alternative to join making use of Facebook, Google or an email address.

Although Survey Addict companions with various other websites, it does not make you enroll in those websites. In that regard, it functions as a collector of studies.

Some study web sites call for that anybody registering has to be at the very least 18 years of ages, but with Survey Addict, you just have to be 13 or older.

Once logged in, Study Addict permits you to check out the different surveys offered. Surveys are prioritized by the ones that you’re probably to get approved for.

If you do not receive a study (which you typically find after concerning a min of evaluating questions), you’re still awarded with a few points.

The details type of study concerns you’ll come across rely on factors like your age, earnings as well as way of living. In my situation, I’m interested in sporting activities and also financing, as well as I received a great deal of studies focused around those topics.

In some cases, you’ll be asked to answer open-ended questions (definition you’ll have to provide a short typed action to a punctual).

Study Junkie Pulse.

Survey Addict Pulse is a totally free web browser extension that permits you to share your web use data with the business in return for rewards.

As soon as installed, it operates in the history and also works as a passive earnings application. On top of that, there’s a 150 factor sign-up reward for having it mounted for 1 month.

Survey Addict characterizes the data gathered by Pulse as:.

What you look for.
The websites you visit.
The apps you use.
The products you look for.
The advertisements you check out.

Study Junkie claims that the information you provide is anonymized and also removed of any kind of directly identifiable info.

While that’s true, you ought to know that electronic advertising and marketing firms (as well as others) utilize this info to produce varied (anonymized) accounts that influence things like the advertisements you see when surfing internet sites.

To put it simply, this details may not be directly attributable to you by name, yet it does become part of the “huge data” picture of you that shapes your net experience.

Note: Study Junkie does not gather sensitive personal details such as bank card information or passwords.

In return for this data, you’ll gain some amount of easy earnings. Unfortunately, Survey Junkie does not supply any type of understanding right into how much you’ll earn or just how often, and also user reviews from around the web have actually been blended.

At the same time, the consensus appears to be that Pulse does not pay as long as other easy income apps, such as the Nielsen Computer as well as Mobile Panel.

Finally, note that Pulse individuals have access to a selection of paid surveys that are not available on the major Study Junkie platform. In other words, using Pulse implies you’re likely to obtain access to more and also better studies.

Survey Junkie Online Reputation.

As of December 2, 2021, Survey Junkie has a 4.4/ 5 ranking on Trustpilot from over 31,300 individual testimonials, which is among the highest possible rankings for a significant study site.

The site likewise has a 4.41/ 5 ranking on the BBB’s customer evaluation site (from over 2,000 reviews).

Its OS as well as Android app scores are as follows:.
iOS RatingReviewsAndroid RatingVotes.
4.5/ 546,0734.4/ 5 38,421.

Exactly How Does Study Junkie Pay You?

You can break out present cards (they will be e-cards, not physical cards sent out in the mail) for significant stores like and also Target when you determine to retrieve your points. However you can also get cash money sent to your PayPal account. In the united state only, direct bank transfers are offered via Dwolla.

To money in your points for any type of method of settlement, you have to have at least 500 factors, which relates to $5 in worth. This is one of the lowest minimum withdrawal quantities in the paid study industry.

Study Addict vs. Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is different from Study Junkie in one crucial means: while it does provide surveys, it’s more of a general online benefits site. For instance, it supplies a cash-back purchasing website and also get-paid-to-sign-up offers (review our Swagbucks evaluation to learn more).

If you like even more range when it concerns generating income online, Swagbucks could be a great option for you. Just Like Survey Junkie, you can obtain present cards for your points or redeem them for cash-back from PayPal.

Survey Addict Tips.

Before you sign up as well as begin submitting studies without a plan in position, let’s consider how you can optimize your study revenues with a few helpful Study Junkie ideas.

Suggestion # 1: Take the Demographic Surveys.

You need to do the market surveys right now, since that will allow you to get the more targeted surveys (which pay the best rates). If you’re reluctant regarding providing individual details, in the listed below video, I run through the general profile questions for you to see the type of information you’re giving.

Suggestion # 2: Utilize a Dedicated Email Address.

Create an e-mail address that you make use of only for surveys. While you may be tempted to avoid this step, believe me, it’s finest not to overload your main inbox.

This is especially true if you register for more than one site. While Survey Junkie often tends to only send one e-mail each day, some sites pester your inbox with brand-new survey notices.

Idea # 3: Make Certain to Download the Study Addict App.

While the web site is enhanced for mobile web browsers, the app has a tidy interface and is easy to use on your phone. That really opens your making potential, as you can tackle some surveys whenever you have a few mins to kill.

Pointer # 4: Answer Honestly.

Most survey websites have algorithms that can identify individuals that complete the studies as quick as possible. They recognize if you’re simply clicking switches and your responses do not accumulate.

Study Junkie will even include some random questions to make sure you’re paying attention (and not a robotic).

Take the time to mark the appropriate answer. It’ll pay off over time, as you’ll get study opportunities that allow you to gain much more.

Tip # 5: Do the QuickStart Checklist Up-Front to Maximize Your Factors.

You gain 25 points for validating your email address as well as 50 points for completing the profile survey. Those are high-value tasks for the time included.

Idea # 6: Accept the Truth That You Will Not Get Rich.

Bear in mind, this isn’t indicated to be a big money-maker. Keeping practical assumptions will certainly make this process much more enjoyable. This should be viewed as a means to spend a little downtime to gain a little pocket modification or a complimentary gift card here and there– not as a permanent on the internet job that’s mosting likely to pay your costs monthly.

Tip # 7: Contrast Time vs. Points.

Before attempting a survey, contrast the projected time it will take you to complete versus the points you’ll gain. For example, the picture below shows 2 surveys, each worth 55 points. The very first takes 9 minutes as well as the second takes 18 minutes.

The very best option isn’t always as evident as this instance, so you must get in the habit of doing a quick computation in your head to figure out which studies provide you the chance to make the most amount of money in the least quantity of time.

For me, I tried to only take studies that paid out over $4/hour. To get this, divide the number of factors by the number of mins and also try to find a proportion over 4.

Idea # 8: Opt-In to Product Trial Runs and Focus Groups.

By default, you’re not opted-in for the higher paying offers such as product trials as well as focus groups. I only obtained the opportunity after I completed all the group studies.

Study Addict Frequently Asked Questions.

Just how much can you make on Survey Junkie (reasonably)?

If you remain in a desirable demographic as well as get a lot of studies, you can make in between $3 and $5 per hr. If you qualify for the product screening or focus group chances, you can make between $5 and also $100 each that you join. However, focus group chances– which pay closer to the luxury of that range– are only used as soon as each month usually.

Just how do you get approved for studies on Study Addict?

In order to qualify for the most studies possible, be sure to fill in your profile set of questions entirely when you develop your account. You’ll be asked a collection of demographic screening questions (age, gender, income level, and so on), as well as screening concerns regarding your interests as well as way of living.

The more Study Addict understands about you, the more surveys you can get. That’s due to the fact that firms are frequently trying to find specific parts of individuals (e.g., women under the age of 35 that like both gardening and also rock climbing). If you stop working to provide a full group account, you might miss out on surveys that are targeted to subsets that you remain in.

In addition, energetic individuals are compensated with more study chances, so it pays to log right into the website as well as take at least one survey as usually as you can.

Just how does SurveyJunkie pay you?

Users can make money via PayPal in all getting involved countries, and also U.S.-based users can request a financial institution transfer. If you select the PayPal option, you might be required to validate your account over the phone with a Study Addict client service representative.

U.S.-based customers can also select to squander for an e-gift card, but note that just like PayPal payments, this choice could require you to confirm your account over the phone.

What present cards does Study Junkie have?

Present card options include a series of major sellers, such as, Groupon, Sephora, Starbucks, Target as well as Walmart.

For how long does it require to make money from Study Addict?

Most incentives are provided right away after cashing out your survey revenues, yet it can take a little bit longer if you’re needed to verify your account over the phone.

How do you erase your Study Addict account?

If you determine to remove your Survey Addict account, click your profile, click “Edit” and after that “Remove My Account.” Give your password, and also the account will certainly be deleted.

Final Thoughts: Is Study Addict Worth It?

There are lots of websites that permit you to take surveys for money. As well as while it’s true that they will not pay your costs, a number of them provide decent methods to make additional money on the side in your leisure.

Study Junkie rates at or near the top of the list of these online study sites, despite the statistics. It’s easy to sign up for, has a good inventory of studies, provides good pay rates, and has a low minimum cash-out limit.

And if you’re fortunate adequate to get approved for the item screening possibilities, you could even score some free swag in exchange for your engagement.

For those reasons, we assume it ought to be just one of the starting points you look to for paid surveys.