Tips for packing travel bag

Your Life in a Backpack: What to Pack For 6 Months Traveling Abroad

Think back to your last vacation. I bet your suitcases were so stuffed you had to sit on them just to get the zipper closed, and that was just for one week! Now imagine if you had to pack absolutely everything you needed for six months on the road, or even a year, and it…


Best iPhone voice control: Siri alternatives | Siri vs Cortana vs Google Now

Siri remains an outstanding voice-controlled digital assistant, but it faces some strong competition. We compare Siri with Microsoft Cortana, Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa, Assistant by and Viv, reviewing speed and accuracy of response, breadth of knowledge and much more, to find the best voice tech on the market right now, and the best voice…

cortana vs google assistant vs siri


Nearly every smartphone and computer on the market today has a smart assistant trapped inside, like a helpful ghost, but how do they stack up against one another? While it may seem like Siri, Cortana, and the nameless Google Assistant are all just variations of the same thing — and well, they are to some extent…

Google Assistant

Why type when you can say it? Google Assistant on the iPhone Siri and Alexa

LOS ANGELES — Typing is so yesterday.  Why write it when you can say it? This week we turned our attention to a different way of talking — to our phones and home speakers. And if Google’s any guide, that will be the story (digitally synthesized in a computer’s best dulcet tones) for the next months and…

Potential Spying Devices in our Home

9 Things in your Home that may be Spying on You

Mike Flaim, of Milford, Ohio, is a professional woodworker who likes doing things the old-fashioned way, using antique tools to hand-carve wooden tables, bookcases, and wall displays. This is just one reason Flaim’s Smart TV and cable box have him concerned his home technology may be spying on him. “They can go in my bedroom and…


Top 10 Countries You Need To Visit

1. INDIA There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won’t go. For me, India is such a place. – Keith Bellows, the late editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveller Much has changed since India achieved independence seventy years ago; the economic revolution has introduced new wealth into booming cities,…

How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

Susan* bought her 6-year-old son John an iPad when he was in first grade. “I thought, ‘Why not let him get a jump on things?’ ” she told me during a therapy session. John’s school had begun using the devices with younger and younger grades — and his technology teacher had raved about their educational…

Drone Photography Is The Anti-Selfie (And That’s Why It Is So Good)

Drone Photography Is The Anti-Selfie (And That’s Why It Is So Good)

A new book celebrates the beauty of drone photography, from aerial landscape shots to wedding portraits Saint-Malo, France, Easy Ride. [Photo: © 2017 The Photographers of Dronestagram] Contrary to popular belief, drones aren’t primarily used for deliveries (yet) or spying on your neighbors (that’s illegal). They’re mostly used for photography–and they’ve got their own version of…



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